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Music is changing. At Indify, we’re powering what comes next.

We want more artists to prosper

There’s never been a better time to be in the music business.

Thanks to streaming and social media, an artist today can build a global following from the comfort of their bedroom. New investment vehicles and digital contracts enable deals that were previously impossible.

There’s only one problem: traditional record deals don’t support this new reality. Artists must still give up ownership of their work and control of their careers in exchange for the financing and support that come with a record deal.

In a world of new possibilities, we believe artists deserve another option for building their careers. That’s why we built Indify.

Our vision:
A more equitable, prosperous music industry

Launched in 2015 as an artist-discovery platform, Indify grew into an essential tool for music industry talent scouts.

Indify is built around a proprietary discovery algorithm that identifies artists poised for breakout success. This technology continues to underscore Indify even as the platform has evolved.

Today, Indify operates as a marketplace where artists can connect with investors equipped to support their careers.

Putting artists first

Equity and ownership are central to Indify’s work. Every deal struck through our platform is governed by three principles, designed to avoid unfair business arrangements.

Our principles

Artists own their masters

They made the music. They own it.

Fair deals only

Artists always get 50% or more of profits post-recoupment.

Artists keep creative control

It’s their career. They call the shots.

The team

Founded in 2015 by Shav Garg, Connor Lawrence, and Matt Pavia, our mission is to build the infrastructure for a creator-led music business. Indify is headquartered in New York City and built by a distributed team.

Shav Garg

CEO & Co-founder

Connor Lawrence

CMO & Co-founder

Matthew Pavia

CTO & Co-founder

Jordan Weller

Artist + Partner Relations

Jon Friestedt

Software Engineer
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SEB, rising artist on Indify
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Kirby, rising artist on Indify
Hojean, rising artist on Indify
Leah Kate, rising artist on Indify

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