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Build a more profitable music career,
on your terms.

Pink Sweats, rising artist on IndifyLeah Kate, rising artist on Indify

Earn more from what you make

Thanks to streaming, artists now have unprecedented power to build a catalog of revenue-generating songs and albums. Indify partnerships can help increase your streaming revenue so your work gains value over time.

More power
to you

Unlike traditional record deals, Indify enables a flexible, artist-led approach. You get the funding you need to advance your career, while retaining ownership and creative control of your work.

Delete the
fine print

Every deal on Indify is backed by a standard, artist-friendly digital contract, enabling you to form partnerships quickly and with peace of mind. Simple and transparent—this is how the music business should work.
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Your friend in the business

Indify also makes it easy to connect with business partners like marketers, managers, and lawyers.

Service providers and artist team members:
Indify music industry partners, marketers, management, booking, investors, legal

Take your career further

If you’re already building a growing fanbase, Indify may be right for you.
Ben Kessler, rising artist on Indify


If I work through Indify, am I guaranteed to make more money?

While there’s no way to guarantee that working with an investor/partner via Indify will increase your revenue, we’ll do our best to get the right opportunities in front of you.

What types of deals can I make through Indify?

There are three types of partnerships you can currently form on Indify: funding, management, and marketing.

Does Indify vet its investors?

Yes. We typically look for people prepared to invest at least $5,000 in a project.

Are Indify agreements legally binding?

Yes. Read our Terms to learn more.

How does Indify make money?

We receive a 15% fee from investors after they’ve recouped their initial investment. We don’t charge fees on artist profits.

How do I become an Indify artist?

Apply for early access here

How does Indify choose its artists?

We work with artists that have high potential for immediate growth. To determine this potential, we typically look for artists who have an engaged following on social media and/or songs performing strongly on streaming platforms.

Our principles

Artists own their masters

They made the music. They own it.

Fair deals only

Artists always get 50% or more of profits post-recoupment.

Artists keep creative control

It’s their career. They call the shots.