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Featured rising artist investment opportunities, Easy Baby by Denyah, Seaside Demo by SEBFeatured rising artist investment opportunities, Easy Baby by Denyah, Seaside Demo by SEB

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You invest.

Since 2015, Indify’s discovery algorithm has identified artists poised for breakout success. Khalid, Post Malone, Billie Eilish—you heard about them here first. Now you can invest in the next generation of rising artists’ work.
Rising artist on Indify
Flagged Oct 23, 2015

Indify's "Fresh Picks" Newsletter from October 23, 2015 featured Khalid

Rising artist on Indify
Flagged Apr 1, 2015
Post Malone

Indify's "Fresh Picks" Newsletter from April 1, 2015 featured Post Malone

Rising artist on Indify
Flagged Dec 3, 2015
Billie Eilish

Indify's "Fresh Picks" Newsletter from December 3, 2015 featured Billie Eilish

Rising artist on Indify
Flagged Feb 18, 2018
Juice WRLD

Indify's "Fresh Picks" Newsletter from February 18, 2018 featured Juice WRLD

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streaming revenue

As an Indify investor, you can connect with emerging artists seeking funding for their next single or album. In exchange for funding, you earn a share of revenue generated by the release. It’s simple: the more the song or album is streamed, the more your share is worth.

The music business, simplified

Every deal on Indify is backed by a standard digital contract, enabling you to invest quickly and with peace of mind. Simple and transparent—this is how the music business should work.
Example investor funding agreement, Leah Kate, Alexis Ohanian, Release Included, Fuck up the Friendship

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rising artist on Indify
rising artist on Indify
rising artist on Indify
SEB, rising artist on Indify
Hojean, rising artist on Indify
Leah Kate, rising artist on Indify
Kirby, rising artist on Indify


If I invest with Indify, am I guaranteed to make more money?

There is no guarantee of profit when investing through Indify. That said, many of our investors have recouped their initial investments and gone on to realize considerable gains. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns (our lawyers made us include that).

How does Indify make money?

We receive a 15% fee from investors after they’ve recouped their initial investment. We don’t charge fees on artist profits.

How does Indify choose its artists?

We work with artists that have high potential for immediate growth. To determine this potential, we typically look for artists who have an engaged following on social media and/or songs performing strongly on streaming platforms.

What types of deals can I make through Indify?

As an investor you can form funding partnerships with artists. These deals allow the artist to receive money in exchange for a revenue share of a track/project.

Are Indify agreements legally binding?

Yes. Read our Terms to learn more.

Does Indify vet its investors?

Yes. We typically look for people prepared to invest at least $5,000 in a project.

How do I invest with Indify?

Apply for early access here

Who can invest through Indify?

Currently we’re running an invite-only beta for investors. Over time, our goal is to make investing with Indify available to everyone.

Our principles

Artists own their masters

They made the music. They own it.

Fair deals only

Artists always get 50% or more of profits post-recoupment.

Artists keep creative control

It’s their career. They call the shots.